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One of the barriers in implementing a biometrics system is sometimes the absence of a reliable method of data transfer. TCP/IP protocol is usually used in a typical and normal infrastructure but when deploying in places where there are simply no Internet access, the available options for data communication are very, very limited.
Previously, FingerTec Worldwide has provided a solution for the collection of data problem by integrating GPRS capabilities into our terminals. It’s time to move forward, and we are now proud to announce that TA200 Plus, Q2i, and Face ID 2 will soon come with 3G support.
Benefits of 3G-Enabled Terminals
Instant Access Anytime!
Connected terminals can be accessed by the server at any time, giving users ultimate control and flexibility
Fast Data Transfer!
With speeds up to ten times faster than a GPRS connection, real-time monitoring is a real possibility
Easy Initial Setup!
All you need is a 3G-enabled SIM card & updated FingerTec terminal – and you’re ready to go!
Stable Wireless Connection!
The code-based multiplexation behind the 3G technology ensures efficient data transfer between terminals, even with large file sizes
Low Overall Costs!
Most mobile internet providers has data plans that favor 3G over GSM/GPRS network, making it more likely to be your cheapest alternative in the long run
Talk to your local providers to learn about the availability of 3G coverage in your area and assess if it’s the right option for you. Using the network is most suitable for areas without Internet connectivity, or where an Internet connection may be too costly. For more information on FingerTec terminals with 3G capabilities, contact us at
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