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Staff Attendance Curbed by FingerTec
at Palestine’s Ministry of Education
and Higher Education
By Mr. Benacer Douadi, Sales Manager (Middle Eastern/African Region), FingerTec Worldwide
Palestine coat of arms
The Ministry of Education and Higher Education of the Palestinian National Authority is the branch of the Palestinian government in charge of managing the education in the Palestinian territories. It was established in 1994 after the formation of the Palestinian National Authority. The ministry’s missions include finalizing the establishment of a Palestinian national curriculum by hiring teachers and providing classrooms and books, which they had done throughout 2001-2005.
Just as it is with class attendance in school, staff attendance is equally important and the ministry wanted to improve the monitoring of staff attendance within their premise. With that, they turned to FingerTec products, which were offered to them by our reseller, Al Jaffal. Al Jaffal had suggested that the best solution for the ministry’s time attendance needs is to install multiple units of FingerTec Q2i. The ministry were happy with the features of the device, including multi-verification methods through fingerprint, card and password verification and were also very pleased with the accuracy in recording time attendance of their staff.
Exterior of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of the Palestinian National Authority
FingerTec Q2i
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