FingerTectivity 04/09/2015
FingerTec Contributes to Post-flood Aid for Malaysia’s Northern Region
The end of 2014 was a hard time for Malaysia as it was hit with floods from 15 December to 3 January the next year. The northeast monsoon caused heavy rain and had mostly affected the East Coast and northern region of Peninsular Malaysia. Property damages has been estimated at over RM1 billion with more than 200,000 people evacuated or displaced. The floods have been described as the worst floods in decades with a death toll of 21. The floods garnered the attention of the world with many nations contributing donations and rescue aid such as China, Singapore, and USA, to name a few.

Thankfully, that in such a time of crisis, various efforts were mobilised for rescue missions and restoration of the infrastructure in those regions. The Tabung Dana Kecemasan is an account for the collection of funds dedicated to provide relief efforts that have been setup since the crisis and is still open for anyone to contribute. FingerTec has given some monetary assistance for the post-flood reconstruction of Kelantan, particularly the housing areas that were destroyed.

While the floods have affected the lives of many with tragedy, the humanitarian efforts in helping those in need have certainly united Malaysians in helping their fellow citizens regardless of race, religion, and political stance.

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