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The moment many have been waiting for is here.
TimeTec Cloud now finally releases its trial version to the public. For those of you not already in the loop, TimeTec Cloud is an online-based advanced time attendance software for workforce management.
As its name suggest, TimeTec Cloud uses the latest trend of cloud-computing technology. No need to worry about storage, server maintenance, and backing up of data – TimeTec Cloud does all that for you with its Amazon EC2 powered cloud platform provider. With TimeTec Cloud, you can perform all the time attendance functions that were available in the TCMS V2 plus more. Setup clocking schedules to suit your working environment, generate a variety of reports such as tardiness reports and attendance reports all from one platform, and even export or setup the system to be integrated with a third party software or payroll program for an easy, automated and hassle-free payroll issuance.
Ready to explore this promising software? Sign up for your TimeTec Cloud Trial User Account now and see the extensive features available with TimeTec Cloud.
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