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20 August, 2007
Hardware General Video Guide:
5 Tips
i. Sun Shy
ii. Clean Finger
iii. Center Point Center
iv. Place it, not Press it
v. Wait A Second
Clean your fingerprint sensor the correct way!
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21 August, 2007
Biometric Access System Benefits from Smoking Ban
Maximizing Chat To Build Rapport
The earliest dated prints of the ridged skin on human hands and feet were made about 4,000 years ago during the pyramid building era in Egypt. In addition, one small portion of palm print, not known to be human, has been found impressed in hardened mud at a 10,000-year old site in Egypt.
Buy 10 AC900 in September and get a rebate* of USD100 in your next purchase. Terms and Conditions....
Meet FingerTec® Team!
FingerTec®, a story worth telling
“But if establishing a new company in Malaysia is just to promote Founder electronic publishing system, I rather propose Peking University Founder Group1 continues to appoint distributor or reseller in this region,” suggested Teh Hon Seng, when he was invited by Alan Chueng, the director of Founder Group to form and to head the Malaysia’s branch office back in 1995....
FingerTec Worldwide Ltd is an international company that deals with clients from many parts of the world. Product warranty is undoubtedly an important issue in which the company has focused on to be able to offer our clients a comprehensive warranty system that satisfies their requirements. In 2006, FingerTec Worldwide announced the launch of FingerTec Global Warranty Program to all its clients and this program does not only cover standard warranty policy....
September, 2007
FingerTec’s distributor in the Netherlands, V&B DataTechniek will be participating in the Business Day Fair, which will be held in Eindhoven from 12 until 13 of September 2007. V&B DataTechniek hopes to establish FingerTec’s presence in the Netherlands’s office automation industry and the company is looking forward to demonstrate FingerTec products....
September, 2007
FingerTec Worldwide’s distributor in India, Compax Industrial Pvt Ltd of Pune will be representing FingerTec in the expo which will be held between 13 to 15 September 2007 in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi India. Compax will be focusing on fingerprint time attendance model TA100 and TA103-R....
October, 2007
FingerTec will be participating in the China Sourcing Fairs 2007 on 12th until 15th October 2007 held at Asia-World Expo, Hall 11, in Hong Kong. This expo will feature over 2,600 booths. The show will introduce new, export-ready suppliers from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and other major supply markets in Asia....
All installers/resellers are recommended to conduct site inspection before performing installation of FingerTec readers at any client’s site. This is crucial to confirm all requirements for installations are satisfied and installation schedule can be fully optimized.
Location! Location! Location!
Check the distance!
Perfect Match!
Tell Them About The System!
CV Retailindo Tech Spreads FingerTec® Fast and Far in Indonesia
CV Retailindo Tech or known as Ritech by FingerTec®’s sales staff, is one of the biggest distributors of FingerTec® in Indonesia. The company has been with FingerTec® since 2004 and from a range of other time attendance products, Retailindo has grown....
Welfare Electric Components Ltd - Bringing FingerTec® to Hong Kong’s retail sector
FingerTec Worldwide Ltd has been working with Welfare Electronic Components Ltd (WECL) since 2005 to resale FingerTec fingerprint products in the best business hub in Asia, Hong Kong....
Biometric Technology in the UK: Friend or Foe?
Over the last two years, the UK’s Identity and Passport Service (IPS) has introduced a range of new procedures and systems to prevent identity and passport article from A&S Mag August 2007
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