New release of TCMS V2 Viewer


FingerTec® R&D has upgraded the TCMS V2 Viewer and it is available for download. In this new version, user can enjoy 3 new features, which include:


1 – Login of department head to view user records assigned in the same department.

Managers do not need to ask person in charge of TCMS V2 Viewer to print their staff’s  attendance reports. You must upgrade your TCMS V2 to the latest J version or above before you can use this feature Before you start, the person in charge must do some settings in TCMS V2.1.2 version J
  Step 1
Assign users into corresponding departments.

 Step 2

Now at Department Name Definition, assign the user ID as head of department or managers. Please assign a department password (different from normal login password or administrator login password).

 Step 3

Now the head of department or managers can run TCMS v2 Viewer and choose the department to login.

 Step 4

Ignore the User ID column. Insert the Department password (as assigned in the Department Name Definition page in TCMS v2).

 Step 5

After login, you can see the name of department display on top. Now you can click the user ID to view and print their reports.

2 – to configure time out time period.
In the previous version, the TCMS V2 Viewer will not logout if user does not press the logout button. This is dangerous because user might forget to do so, and the next coming user can view and print the previous user records. Therefore, the new TCMS V2 Viewer will alert users after a time interval if user does not interact with it.

If user wishes to use the TCMS V2 Viewer, click Continue and system allow users to continue the operation. Or user can choose to logout. If the user left the computer and did not see this alert message, TCMS V2 Viewer will logout automatically.You can configure the comfortable time out period in TCMS V2 Viewer, but you must be the Administrator of TCMS V2 Viewer.


Press Settings


Now insert the time in “Login timeout minutes”. 0 means never time out.

3 – user can login by using OFIS scanner
If the computer is attached with OFIS scanner, user can choose to login to TCMS V2 Viewer by his/her enrolled fingerprint.

At the TCMS V2 Viewer page, press Fingerprint Login.
Press your finger onto the OFIS scanner to capture your fingerprint.
If it is verified correctly, you can access into the TCMS V2 Viewer.

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