Standard Firmware for Each Model of FingerTec® Readers

Each model of FingerTec® reader is controlled by a unique firmware. Outdated or corrupted firmware might cause FingerTec® reader to work improperly. Update of a firmware is the first step to trouble shoots a reader. Users are recommended to update the suitable firmware to the reader before attempting any other troubleshooting.

Click here to download the firmware for your affected readers.

To update the firmware to the reader, follow the steps below:


Step 1

Download the firmware and extract the file to get 2 files containing Firmware Tool and emfw.cfg files as shown below.

Click Firmware Tool to start.

Step 2

Insert the IP address of your reader into the column.
Click to search for the firmware file.


Step 3

Click Connect to start connecting to the reader.


Step 4

Firmware tool retrieves all information from the reader.
Check and confirm the information received is the information of the reader that you want to update its firmware.
Click Update to start.


Step 5

Press on Restart button to restart your reader and the firmware will only take effect the reader restarts.


IMPORTANT: To get the update of the latest firmware, please check regularly.

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