Personalizing welcome message on FingerTec® readers

You can now personalize your welcome message on FingerTec® readers. The default welcome message of FingerTec® reader is “Welcome”. The FingerTec® reader is the machine used by each employee daily. Therefore, other than functions as time attendance and access verification machine, the FingerTec® readers can also display your company’s short information.

Please see example of screen display at FingerTec® reader before and after update.
  Before updating welcome message
Default screen display of FingerTec® reader is always showing Welcome and Check In (or Check out, OT, Done) message.
  After update of the welcome message

The screen display of FingerTec® reader is now showing the new message. The word Check In (or Check Out, OT, Done) will not be displayed in the future replaced by the new message.

The configuration is using the FTWelcomeChanger.exe program. Please follow the steps below,

1. Download and locate the FTWelcomeChanger.exe into your computer.
2. Connect FingerTec® reader by using TCP/IP.
3. The program is connected to the reader and the program will check the information of the reader. You can read the information as published on screen. Click Update to update the welcome message to the reader.
4. When the update process is completed, program will request you to restart your FingerTec® reader for the changes to take effect.

Please make sure that your FingerTec ® models are supporting core board version FEM 500 (M2, R2, AC900, TA100, AC100, TimeLine100) or FEM300 (AC100Plus, AC800Plus, AC800Plus MC). Other core board versions do not support this function.


If you are using FingerTec® R2 model and you would like to update the welcome message, please kindly take note of the followings.

You must do the following steps at the FingerTec® R2 before you start to connect FingerTec® R2 to the FTWelcomeChanger.exe program.

1. Press Menu > Option > COMM option > COM key
2. Change the COM key from 0 > 1.
3. Save changes and return to main menu.
4. Restart the R2.
5. Press Menu > Option > COMM option > COM key
6. Change the COM key from 1 to 0.
7. Save changes and return to main menu.
8. Restart R2.
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