Are you encountering any problems with our hardware and software?
Please perform these troubleshooting steps below before you continue with anything else.
I am a new user and I need guidance
on how to use the software
1. Always use the latest version of Ingress software.
Check to make sure that you are using the latest version of Ingress software. You can check the software version from the “About us” tab at the Home button.
  It is recommended to update your Ingress software either via online update or by re-installation.
Online update
By updating via online, it ensures that you are using the latest version. Click Software Update button to connect to our online server to download the latest version.
We will post the latest installation link at our website from time to time. Download the latest installation file from HERE. Uninstall the current version but you do not need to remove any files from your computer. Next, run the new installer to re-install the software.
2. Viewing video guide and user guide
You can visit our website to watch the Ingress software video guide on the handling of the software. Click HERE to view the video guide.
We provide the Ingress software manual in various languages at our website. You can get the English version at HERE. Or you can go to HERE to view the manual in your preferred language.
I cannot use the Ingress software due to error message/scenario being prompted.
1. Upgrade your Ingress
software to the latest version to resolve the problem. You can refer to section above(1) for more details.
2. View our latest solutions
or suggestion at HERE. We will constantly update the content from time to time when there are any new findings or solutions available.
3. Talk to us
  Contact your local resellers for assistant or you can reach us by the following methods.
Email us at and describe your problem to our support team. Do provide the steps in order for us to simulate the error, MySQL database file, error messages and screen captures to our support team. We are happy to assist you and will reply your email within 6 hours.
  Direct communication with us.
Skype and Google Talk: Click HERE to see the contact details of our support team
Live Chat: Click HERE to contact our online support personnel to discuss your problem
TeamViewer: Allow our support team to troubleshoot and resolve your error by remote desktop method. Click HERE to learn how to use the TeamViewer.
Online error report: You can report your error at HERE and our support team will get back to you within 6 hours.
I would like to suggest new features to
insert into the Ingress software
We welcome all your suggestions to help us to improve our software. Drop us an email at and we will look into your suggestion. We will pass your suggestion to our R&D team to evaluate and will notify you within 7-days.
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