Are you encountering any problems with your FingerTec terminals and TCMS V2 software?
Please perform these troubleshooting steps below before you continue with anything else.
Check the Power Supply
Technical specifications of the terminals are listed Here. Please make sure that your terminal is using the correct power supply to avoid insufficient power supply or overload of the power supply which could cause hardware damage.
Downloading Latest Firmware Updates
Please check that your hardware is loaded with the latest firmware for it to work optimally. Go to this site to download the latest firmware and update it to your relevant terminals.
Resetting to Original Factory Setting
The settings in the terminal might be wrongly set and the best way to make sure that the settings are correct is to reset the terminals to the original factory settings. Please be assured that this reset will NOT delete user information and transaction logs stored in the terminals OR reset the time zone/ group time zone settings.
Follow the steps below to reset the terminals to their original factory settings:
Black & White Screen Models:
System Option
Advance Option
Reset Default Factory Settings
Colour Screen Models:
Reset All Factory Settings
If the problem still persists after doing the above 3 steps, try the following steps:
FAQ/General Tips
View FAQ/General Tips at
Select your FingerTec models
Search the relevant articles
Follow instructions in the article to solve the problem.
View the troubleshooting steps here at
Select your FingerTec models
Identify the symptom(s)
Follow instructions in the article to solve the problem.
Contact Us
Our team is available to assist you with your problems. Choose any of the channels below to reach us.
Warranty Claim & Replacement
1. Visit FingerTec Spare Parts to learn about warranted and unwarranted spare parts as well as about the FingerTec Spare Part Allocation Scheme.
2. Once you receive a claim from a customer, check whether you have the parts with you.
a. For parts that are under warranty, replace the parts to the customer immediately and make your claim with us at
b. For parts that are over warranty period or unwarranted, contact to purchase the said parts.
3. The claimed parts will be processed by FingerTec and sent to you at your own shipping cost, the usual practice is to include the parts in the shipment of other items. Should you require you parts to be sent immediately, kindly contact and we will quote you the best shipping method available.
4. The return of the defective claimed warranted parts back to FingerTec is compulsory. All distributors and resellers are required to return all the parts to us on January and July every year. Kindly collect all the relevant parts and return to us by standard shipping twice a year.
Advanced Repair
FingerTec allows distributors to perform advanced repairs on the parts to avoid the hassle of warranty claims. However, there are certain conditions which need to be fulfilled before your company is allowed to attempt this advanced repair.

Learn about FingerTec Advanced Repair now!

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