Are you encountering any problems with your FingerTec terminals and TCMS V2 software?
Please perform these troubleshooting steps below before you continue with anything else.
I am new user and I need a guide on how to use the software
1. Always use the latest version of TCMS V2
  First, make sure you’ve already installed the latest version of TCMS v2. To find out the software version running on your PC, run the software and check the upper left corner of the software. The software version is displayed there, for example TCMS v2.2.020.
  Now, check the latest version available to download at the following website:
  Perform a software upgrade if the software versions do not match in one of the following ways:
Online update
Run the TCMS V2
Click New Release
Proceed to update your software online.
Download the latest version of TCMS V2 software
Un-install the current version
Check to make sure the folder TCMS V2 remains in PC (by default C:\Program Files\FingerTec Worldwide\TCMS v2)
Re-install with the latest version
Select to install into same location (the same TCMS v2 folder)
Run the software
2. Viewing video guides and user guides
You can view the software video guide at here. These videos guide you to use the basic functions of the TCMS V2. You can learn how to manage terminals, users, attendance settings, attendance records, reports etc in these videos.
For more details, you can refer to the TCMS V2 software user guide at here. For other languages, you may refer to here.
3. Help button and User Guide in software
  The Help button assists you by illustrating the operations you can perform, and the steps to get it done.
  In case you wish to refer to the user guide for more details, you can open the user manual immediately by clicking on Manual.
  Select the relevant chapter to view. All chapters are available in PDF format. You can always download the latest user manual from our server by clicking the “Download Latest Manual” button.
I am seeing error messages/ records in the software and I need to resolve it.
1. Upgrade the software to latest version.
You might be using an outdated version of the TCMS V2. Try to compare your TCMS V2 version with the latest version from FingerTec. You can check the latest version of the TCMS V2 at
In case you are using an older version, please upgrade the software to the latest version to resolve the problem. Before you proceed with the upgrade process, it is recommended that you backup the database of your TCMS V2 to save a copy of all the data.
  To backup database of TCMS V2:
i. Perform a data download from all terminals.
ii. Disconnect all terminals from the TCMS V2 (remove the LAN cables of terminals; ignore this step if you are using a USB flash disk to transfer data).
iii. Select Backup/Restore database > Backup database
iv. Save and keep the ZIP file
  The database file carries all user information, attendance records and terminal information. In case of an upgrade failure, this file will allow you to retrieve your old data. Make sure you do this before proceeding with the software upgrade.
  To upgrade TCMS V2: Refer to Section 1 (a) Online Update or (b) Re-installation for details.
2. Viewing useful technical tips/suggestions
  Do the error messages/scenario/records still appear after the software update? It could be due to a settings or configuration error. View our technical tips/suggestions to try and resolve it.
  View our Top 10 Software FAQs to find a suitable solution. These are the top 10 most frequently asked questions posted by customers.
  In case you are still unable to find the solution in the 10 Top Software FAQs, you can refer to the Software General Tips. There are more useful technical tips/advice available here for you to view. View the Software General Tips at:
Select the relevant topic
Find the most suitable solution/suggestion
3. Talk to us
  Contact our technical support for technical assistance:
Via Skype or MSN for direct communication. Click here for our technical support contacts.
Via TeamViewer for remote desktop assistance. Click here for more details.
Via email to Please tell us the FingerTec model, firmware version and details of the error. Our technical support team will reply you within 6 hours.
Via the error report page at Tell us the error/problem and we will reply to you within 12 hours to identify the error/problems.
I wish to suggest some useful functions to be inserted into the software.
We welcome input from our resellers, to enhance the software to fit different working environments/countries. Drop us an email at to tell us more about your suggestion. We will evaluate it and revert back to you within 7 days.
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