1. This warranty is given with respect to the purchased of FingerTec/ TimeTec equipments;
2. This warranty is only valid upon presentation of proof of purchase;
3. FingerTec/ TimeTec equipments are warranted under normal use, against manufacturing defects for a period of twenty four (24) months for FingerTec products and twelve months (12) for TimeTec products warranty respectively from the date of original purchase. This warranty does not applicable to loss or damage to the equipment due to the following cases:
  • Normal wear and tear of the equipment.
• Mishandling and improper maintenance of the equipment, and failure to obey operating instructions;
• Leaking batteries, sand, dirt or water damage;
• Electrical power surge, improper power and/or communication link connection, unstable power supply;
• Use of unauthorized parts or service by other than our authorized agents;
• Serial number and/or warranty sticker is altered or removed.
• Unauthorized modification, conversion or alteration to the equipment.
4. This warranty does not cover any accessories such as EM-Lock, batteries, cables, etc.
5. FingerTec/ TimeTec assumes no liability for loss of or damage to the equipment which may be caused during transportation.
6. This warranty does not cover payment of transportation charges incurred for any send over of equipment to us.
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