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What we'll cover in this course?
The importance of time attendance to an organization
Tackling communication from the reader to the computer
How to set TCMS and use it effectively
How to manage users and their verification credentials effectively
Learn about attendance scheduling and the importance to do it right
Understand attendance rules and compliance to avoid future complications
How to read attendance data properly for planning and solutions
How to integrate TCMS data with other applications such as payroll to achieve efficiency
Learn reports by TCMS and how they could benefit your organizations
How to use other available features to make the best out of TCMS
No Topic What to discuss? Duration (minutes)
1 Connecting devices a. TCP/IP connection
b. USB connection
2 Basic settings a. Basic configurations before start to use 10
3 User management a. Handling users’ verification credentials
b. Transferring credentials to multiple devices
4 Time attendance settings a. Configurations of weekly/daily/flexi schedules
b. Features and functions to affect attendance calculations
5 Attendance sheet a. View and edit attendance records 15
6 Export and reports a. Exporting attendance data for 3rd party software
b. Preparing reports
7 Other a. Work Code
b. Short messages
c. User photo/desktop image
Total hours: 2 hours
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