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What we'll cover in this course?
The importance of time attendance to an organization
How to use TimeTec TA and what tools are available to guide you through
How to record attendance data from various tools and even on the go
Learn to connect and centralize all attendance biometrics readers online
How to manage users and their verification credentials effectively
How to set employee access levels accordingly to produce seamless process and appropriate transparency.
Learn about attendance rules and compliance in workforce and what TimeTec TA features to use
How to read attendance data correctly for better planning and remedy
How to integrate TimeTec TA data with other applications such as payroll to achieve efficiency
Learn reports by TimeTec TA and how they could benefit your organizations.
No Topic What to discuss? Duration (minutes)
1 Introduction a. The advantages
b. The components (cloud, web check-in, mobile apps)
2 Basic settings a. Basic settings to be done before head start
b. How to use start up wizard
3 Manage devices a. Connecting to all devices
b. Important information to connect
4 Manage employees a. Handling users’ verification credentials
b. Transferring credentials to multiple locations/devices
5 Multi-level access a. Setup different access authorities to control system administrators 10
6 Attendance rules a. Configurations of weekly/daily/flexi schedules
b. Features and functions to affect attendance calculations
7 Manage attendance a. View and edit attendance records 10
8 Export & Report a. Exporting attendance data for 3rd party software
b. Preparing reports
Total hours: 2 hours
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