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What we'll cover in this course.
Managing Leave Policies according to company’s regulations
What is Prorate Leave Balance?
How to automate Leave Approval/Application in TimeTec Leave?
View Leave Balance from web or mobile app effortlessly
How to configure Labor Compliance to meet human resource rules?
Assign Allowances specifically for users following user’s working period
How to manages Service Accruals?
How to operate better with Crunch time?
Managing Leave Plan individually or by group
Accessible Data to retrieve user’s leave record
No Topic What to discuss? Duration (minutes)
1 Introduction a. Overview of Timetec Leave 10
2 Basic settings a. Account and company setup 15
3 Manage employees a. Managing user’s functionalities
b. Roles & Credentials
4 Manage Holiday a. Holiday configurations by year and organizations 10
5 Manage Leave Settings a. Leave entitlement
b. Handling leave policies & regulations

c. Leave components (Allowance, Balance, Restrictions)
6 Reminder Settings a. Leave & Holiday Reminder 15
7 Manage Approval a. Managing Leave approval 10
8 Report Details a. Generate & Export report 10
Total hours: 2 hours
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