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What we'll cover in this course.
The importance of Patrol management system
How to use TimeTec Patrol, and its available features
How to configure several Incidents, Checkpoints, and Patrolling routes with NFC tags
How to record the patrolling of the guards using TimeTec Patrol Mobile application
Learn to manage guards in the system and assign them to patrolling routes
What are the available features in the mobile app and how to use them
How to configure various patrolling schedulingy
How to generate Patrolling and Incident reports
No Topic What to discuss? Duration (minutes)
1 Introduction a. The advantages
b. The components (Cloud system, Route management, Incidents setup, Mobile app)
2 Basic settings a. Basic Setting of the system
b. Organization Structure setup
3 Manage employees a. Admin and system role management
b. Creating users and their profiles
4 Manage Incidents and Routes with NFC tags through Mobile App a. Device, Incident, and notification setup
b. Patrol Routes and Check points
5 Mobile App features a. Registry of NFC tags for Check points
b. In-app available patrolling features
6 Patrol Scheduling Management a. Patrol Scheduling
b. Defining Guard duties
7 Report a. Incident and Patrolling Reports 15
Total hours: 2 hours
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