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Beyond Biometrics
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What we'll cover in this course.
Introduction of TimeTec security
How to use TimeTec security apps and features available in the apps
What is IOT device comes with TimeTec security
What is clocking option offered for Smart door and Smart lock
No Topic What to discuss? Duration (minutes)
1 Introduction a. what is TimeTec security
b. What Item available in TimeTec security (Access, surveillance, alarm)
2 TimeTec Security IoT a. What is a Smart door, Smart lock
b. How the IOT device works with TimeTec security apps
3 Manage users account/ access a. Admin and user privilege
b. How to manage users in apps (invite user)
4 Manage door and user access a. How to add smart door and smart access
b. How to configure access
c. What is a Temporary access
d. What is a one-time password
e. How to view access record
Total hours: 2 hours
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