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Global News (North & South America)    Solomon Island | 05/05/2016
AGO of Solomon Island Establishes A Secured Access Control System with FingerTec’s Solution
M Cube Technology Ltd is the first digital security provider of IT solutions and security equipment in Solomon Islands and the official FingerTec reseller for Oceania and the Pacific Region.

Recently M Cube Technology Ltd has managed to close a deal with the Attorney General’s Office (AGO), of Solomon Islands. An attorney general of a country plays a vital role and responsibility to represent the interest and perspectives of the Cabinet, consequently the Government and the Ministry of Community’s Interest. Being such a significant body AGO holds many confidential assets and the premise itself has to be secured closely to ensure no break-ins or unauthorized trespasses that might disrupt its operations.

Upon relocating its office to Panatina Plaza Building, AGO’s management understands the importance of restricting access to only a certain authorized personnel, to ensure security and confidentiality. Regarding that concern AGO’s management decided to deploy door access with control panel, FingerTec’s Ingressus IV and k-Kadex that acts as a central medium flexibly controlling 4 access points.

The employees of AGO may authenticate their identities through the relevant k-Kadex device via a password or card validation process. Ingressus is centralized via IP or RS485 connection in a computer equipped with the bundled Ingress software. Each Ingressus controller operates self-reliantly at its access point; however the data is unified from all Ingressus controllers to give a better and complete picture of the environment’s security level.

k-Kadex on the other hand, is a simple slave reader that correspondingly works with Ingressus to provide a digitalized access control system to support restriction of any unauthorized individuals.

The new implementation helps to closely regulate sensitive operations, perimeters and assets in the office premise. AGO’s management has deliberately expressed their satisfaction with the new system and M Cube Technology Ltd’s aftermath service. AGO’s management also went on quoting that “FingerTec’s products adapts advance technology and it offers good investment value”.