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Building a Better System at El-Khayyat Group
with FingerTec
By Mr. Benacer Douadi , Sales Manager (Middle Eastern/African Region), FingerTec Worldwide
El-Khayyat Group headquarters
El-Khayyat Group is a large and diversified group of companies based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that specializes in building materials, such as red bricks, gypsum powder and board and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) straps. With their main headquarters stationed in Jeddah and over 400 sales centers and distribution depots spread across the kingdom, El-Khayyat Group has used its over 35 years of experience by building a strong network to cover the demand of the market. This makes them one of the most important groups of companies that have contributed to the economic boom of the Kingdom and the Middle East throughout all the phases of infrastructure development. Recently, El-Khayyat was looking to take productivity to the next level by deploying an effective time attendance solution and looked towards installing FingerTec terminals within the vicinity of their premises.
Prior to installing FingerTec terminals, El-Khayyat had been using manual methods to record time attendance rather than using an automated machine. In order to control their staff movements and monitor their attendance, El-Khayyat decided to use an automated time attendance terminal as a solution and due to FingerTec’s good reputation throughout the region, they decided to settle on our terminals to use in their group of companies. With the help and suggestion of FingerTec reseller, Global System Technology, El-Khayyat were able to deploy a significant number of Face ID 2 and R2 units with and without access control options in different offices. El-Khayyat were happy with the devices due to its contactless nature, fast verification and centralized data through its powerful TCMS V2 software and the support for Arabic language makes it user-friendly for all staff to get around with
FingerTec R2
FingerTec Face ID 2
Global System Technology (GST) specializes in computer network and professional technical support services with a promise for prompt response, thus assuring clients’ satisfaction. Founded in 2009, GST offers a full range of technical expertise that effectively evaluates and design business-oriented and cost-effective solutions with a focus on services to the Information Technology (IT) market. Thanks to its efficient support services, GST has become a valuable part of the FingerTec family in helping to market FingerTec in Saudi Arabia.
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