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Damai Service Hospital Equipped with FingerTec’s TA102C
Damai Service Hospital, a premier Malaysian hospital group, are dedicated healthcare providers dispensing exceptional services for every member of the family through every phase of life- from infancy to geriatrics.
Damai Service Hospital operates 24 hours daily and is managed by a team of highly qualified consultants, nurses, and overtime crew. Apart from that, the hospital’s large population comprises of daily visitors such as internal patients and outpatients, medical representatives, nursing home caregivers, medical students and more. The daily bustle of activity indicated that rotational shifts are part and parcel for the employees of the hospital.
Damai Service Hospital headquarters
      Previously, Damai Service Hospital was using a card verification system. The stand-alone system in use does not provide an accurate depiction of an employee’s attendance and it can also be manipulated with ease. As a result, payroll frequently encounter complications when extracting an employee’s time attendance details.

In order to solve the issue faced by Damai Service Hospital, FingerTec’s reseller, PC Mart was brought in for the design, installation and maintenance. FingerTec’s TA102C model was chosen to be installed after much deliberation.

Several locations of the hospital such as the library, office and the computer lab were installed with the terminal. This allows their staff and medical students to check-in and out just by using their fingerprint. The terminals came bundled with TCMS VS software also came in handy during data collection for payroll purposes especially when it came to shift work.

In short, Damai Service Hospital is very satisfied with the implementation of a fingerprint based time attendance solution as it has lifted a great deal of administrative work off their shoulders, allowing them to focus on matters that matter the most; the level of care for their patients.

An employee testing out FingerTec’s TA102C
PC Mart Sdn Bhd was founded in January 1996 with a retail shop located in Sungai Wang shopping complex. As a bid in steering their company towards success, PC Mart Sdn Bhd places a great emphasis on service. It is their belief and motto that providing quality after-sales service will retain their customer’s loyalty.
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