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   Jordan | 05/11/2017
Face ID 2 Favoured as Fairmont’s Main Choice
From the beaches of Hawaii and Bermuda to the deserts of the United Arab Emirates to the heart of London, Fairmont hotels offer guests extraordinary places, created by combining unique architecture and structure, expressive decor and artistry, and magnificent features. Many of Fairmont Hotels were among the first buildings to be erected in young cities across North America and today, the company has added many modern city-center properties to their collection, with core locations from Barcelona to Beijing that allow guests to join the bustle of the city and enjoy the culture, flavors and sounds of local life.
Yet, Fairmont’s expansion does not stop there. The company recently established its presence by setting up a new hotel within the country of Jordan. To guarantee consistent high standards throughout the collection of hotels and resorts, Fairmont decided to seek our Jordan reseller, Euro Jordan Trading Company for a solution that could assist the company in doing so. Taking the advice from our reseller into account, Fairmont then settled upon FingerTec Face ID 2 as their main choice.
Face ID 2 is a sophisticated device for access control and time attendance that not only verifies using fingerprint matching but also uses a new technology that can run a facial recognition match. In other words, Face ID 2 will run a scan of your face using its high-resolution infrared camera and match it with the previously scanned facial records within the system. With these functions at hand, Face ID 2 brings contactless verification, tighter security and a user-friendly interface all into one compact device.

Right now, Fairmont Hotel (Jordan) is utilizing Face ID 2 bundled with FingerTec Ingress software. With this two products working side-by-side, Fairmont Hotel can expect to provide an unforgettable guest experience all while maintaining safety and convenience throughout the premises.

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