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FingerTec brings New Life to
Maldives Ministry of Environment and Energy
By Ms. Lau Mun Yee , Marketing Executive, FingerTec Worldwide
The logo for the Ministry of Environment and Energy of the Republic of Maldives
The Ministry of Environment and Energy of the Republic of Maldives has been established by its President under the powers granted to him by the Constitution of the Republic of Maldives. Some of the points listed in the ministry’s mandate include formulating policies related to environment, energy, water and meteorology and formulating regulations and standards needed for the implementation of legislation, as well as protecting the environment of the Maldives and planning the sustainable development and implementation of all aspects of energy, water and sanitation and meteorology. Having moved into a new building recently, the ministry wanted to implement an access control system within their premises and FingerTec stepped in to provide them with the system they require.
A technician installing H2i
After comparing with models from other vendors, the ministry decided to settle on FingerTec for door access control. Our reseller in the Maldives, Astech Maldives , recommended the deployment of FingerTec H2i and FingerTec R2c with our software, Ingress. With a total number of approximately 260 of the ministry’s personnel working within the premises, the deployment of these terminals would make it easier to track their personnel’s attendance and provide security to the ministry. The ministry will be using Ingress for access control purposes and as for time attendance, they will be integrating the system with a third party HR software for payroll and to record attendance. All in all, they were happy with the terminals as it goes with the client’s requirement of what they were looking for in a door access control system.
Astech Maldives redefines the communications landscape by delivering technologically advanced communications software and hardware to any of their clients’ business. With over a decade of experience and professional training, Astech provides total solutions to their clients from simple tasks, such as a LAN setup, to setting up a fully integrated network solution on a corporate level. FingerTec is proud to have Astech on board our family and we believe that Astech will be a great asset in marketing our products throughout the region.
FingerTec H2i
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