To most of you, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) needs no introduction. Founded by the famous Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952, KFC’s fast food franchise expanded in no time, and gained international popularity shortly after with their secret recipe fried chicken.

Now, FingerTec will be sharing part of that fame as our South Africa partner has secured an installation in some of the KFC branches in South Africa. Telkare, one of Fingertec South Africa’s resellers, worked hard in tendering and securing this project, by liaising and working closely with FingerTec for recommendations and advice on our terminals.

The management of KFC in the Western Cape wanted a better way to record and control their staff's time and attendance as they were having problems with processing overtime and putting a stop to buddy-clocking. From their output, we listed down their requirements, and consequently suggested that they use one of FingerTec best-selling time attendance models, FingerTec TA100C for their outlets.

The TA100C has some outstanding features e.g. high capacity of fingerprint storage and transaction logs (12,000 templates & 200,000 logs), simple connectivity with various options such as TCP/IP and USB flashdisk, and workcodes. Best of all, the terminal has a high quality 3.0” 65k colour TFT screen that gives a touch of professionalism within its installation grounds.

To win over their confidence with our products, we supplied a list of several satisfied prestigious customers which are currently using FingerTec products, including names like DHL and Murray & Roberts. Following this, 15 branches of KFC in the Western Cape were installed with the TA100C, and the management was trained on how to use, manage, and maintain the system. In a follow-up meeting, The 15 KFC branches seemed to be satisfied with their new system, and it’s no wonder - we provided KFC with a solution that would not only do away with buddy clocking completely but would also give management complete control over their workforce monitoring.

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