Global News (Asia)  Sri Lanka | 05/11/2015
FingerTec Goes Back to School at the Learnium International School
FingerTec products has catered to many industries, giving them the security needed and the management tools desired. This time around we are highlighting on an installation of FingerTec systems at an international school in Sri Lanka.

The Learnium International School is located in the capital city of Colombo, Sri Lanka, in the suburban area of Ethule Kotte. The school is not-for-profit and uses the English language as a medium of instruction. Established in 2008, the School consists of two branches with one catering to montessori to advanced level (400 students), located in Ethul Kotte, and the other for montessori to primary (250 students) in Colombo 7.

With a large number of students, a system is needed to maintain security and ensure a database is collected on the students’ attendance. The Learnium International School is now installed with a number of TA200 Plus for time attendance. The time attendance systems are used to for recording the time attendance for the staff and to monitor the students’ attendance.

The TA200 Plus is a hi-tech time attendance device that is equipped with biometrics technology for fingerprint verification. The device can store up to 10,000 fingerprint templates, more than enough to compensate for the number of students at the School. Aside from fingerprint verification, school administrators can also choose other forms of verifications for the students to use including passcodes and RFID cards.

Astech Lanka Pvt Ltd specializes in educational whiteboards, biometrics solutions and audio and video solutions. As a FingerTec authorised dealer in Sri Lanka, the company’s IT Engineer, Mr.Hussain conducted training sessions to the IT staff at the Learnium International School during the installations of the devices and systems.
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