Introduced in the Egyptian market by the Americana Group in 1992, Koki has become Egypt’s fastest-growing poultry brand. In lieu of their rapid growth in the industry, the Koki brand has come in need of a better attendance system to help keep track of their staff’s movement.

Koki was previously using a biometric system in their office as well. However, due to the unreliability and the lack of support from their supplier, Koki decided to switch over to FingerTec as the brand seems promising enough. This is when Technology Line, a FingerTec distributor in Egypt, was contacted regarding the project.

All the departments in Koki were fitted with units of TA200 Plus, thus governing over 2000 employees in the company. The TA200 Plus was chosen due to its stability, capacity, its modern firmware with color LCD and its reputation in Egypt. As for the software, the company had its own professional team dedicated to developing a software for their previous system; so all they had to do was condition a customized software utility to link the previous system’s hardware and FingerTec hardware with his MS SQL 2005 DB.

After 3 months of using FingerTec, Koki commented that they were pleased to have made the right decision. Their job has been made easier, as now they are linking the FingerTec system to their salary and payroll system, easing the burden on their Human Resource Division.

“The features of the TA200 Plus may have helped us to sell the hardware concerned; but it’s our support and warranty system that drove the client to close the deal with us”, commented Mr. Hisham Saber, Managing Director of Technology Line, proving their true alliance with the FingerTec brand value.
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