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FingerTec Provides Access Control for the Embassy of Switzerland in Haiti
By Ms. Fazalina Zamidon, Sales & Marketing Executive, FingerTec Worldwide
Logo of the Swiss Confederation
The Embassy of Switzerland in Haiti under the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has been mobilized in the country for many years. The bilateral development cooperation has been supporting two projects, the first in the field of drinking water and sanitation and the second in the field of forest conservation. Ever since the devastating earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince in 2010 and the outbreak of Cholera that same year, Haiti has become the largest recipient of humanitarian aid from the SDC. As an embassy, a high level of security is essential and FingerTec has been chosen by our reseller in Haiti, E-Solutions, to strengthen the level of access control for the embassy.
Exterior of the Embassy of Switzerland in Haiti
Previously, the embassy had been utilizing a card reader for access control purposes. However, they were not satisfied with the provider of the card reader due to the lack of support provided to the embassy in the event something goes wrong with the reader. The embassy had received word about FingerTec’s efficient support system and has decided to install our product for their access control needs and for a support system that would cater to their needs and enquiries. Realizing this, E-Solutions recommended FingerTec H2i to be installed and used by the embassy, who were impressed by the terminal and the support system that FingerTec provides them.
FingerTec H2i
Based in Haiti, E-Solutions specialize in the planning and implementation of wireless infrastructure. They are dedicated to providing wireless solutions as their support service without the need for local servers, network cabling or an onsite IT team. This competitive advantage is one of the reasons that we are happy to have E-Solutions on board with us as a member of the FingerTec family.
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