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FingerTec Solves Access Control Issues at
the Kangar Municipal Council
By Ms. Kartina Azlina , Sales & Marketing Executive (Domestic Sales), FingerTec Worldwide
Staff member trying out Face ID 4d
The Kangar Municipal Council (MPK) located in the state of Perlis was established during the 1980s and it has portrayed Perlis as a developed and modern state. The council’s vision is to achieve Kangar Peaceful Town Status by 2015 and its missions include increasing the infrastructure and public facilities for the convenience of the trading residents, preparing public transportation including other related infrastructure, develop the Human Capital of the employees and the municipal company and establish a town and residential area environment which is conducive for residence. Recently, MPK wanted to solve access control issues within their premises and have turned to FingerTec reseller, Irasuria Venture Sdn Bhd, for recommendations.
Prior to installing FingerTec devices, MPK were not using any other access control devices or methods for their office. After contacting Irasuria and informing them of their needs, our reseller suggested ten units of Face ID 4d to be installed for MPK’s 258 staff members. The devices were installed at the main entrance doors to every department within the office. The staff found it to be difficult to use at first, but gradually, everything went back to normal as staff had gotten themselves accustomed to the terminals and its use. The council did encounter some problems with the device, in particular failing to transfer multiple images via wireless network, but the problem has since been fixed.
Staff member getting her access verified through
Face ID 4d’s face recognition system
Front view of the Face ID 4d terminal installed
Irasuria Venture Sdn Bhd is a sole proprietorship company that has been established as early as 1999. Some of the company’s services include hardware repairs, software development networks and consultancy services, as well as facilities such as a computer training center. When asked why they chose to sell FingerTec products, Irasuria noted that we had an excellent support system through our many ways of contacting us. Irasuria has since become a valuable part of the FingerTec family as they continue to market our products in the northern regions of Malaysia.
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