Global News (Asia)  Malaysia | 03/04/2015
FingerTec Wireless Biometrics Attendance Greets Staff of International School of Kuantan
The International School of Kuantan was established in 1996 with the aim to provide quality education to middle and high school students based on the curricula of schools in the United States of America. The private school that initially had only 16 students has grown over the years and in 2014, a new campus was erected with a capacity of 400 students to cater to the growing demands for quality education from expats and locals alike.
In conjunction with shifting to the brand new building, the management of ISK had decided to leave behind their conventional punch card and log book attendance system and replace it with the latest technology in attendance tracking for their teaching faculty. One of the main requirements was wireless system installation to match the whole feel of the modern new campus building.

Sinaran Computer Sdn Bhd, FingerTec’s reseller in Kuantan proposed them TA200 Plus that has all the features required for effective attendance plus the wireless connectivity. After a few days of installation ISK was experiencing unstable network caused by the heavy Internet traffic during class and upgrading the Internet speed later solved it. They noted that it is imperative to have good quality Internet connectivity when dealing with wireless installation.

Overall, ISK is pleased with the system and the reports it generates. Now, they can proceed with their administrative work every month end with readily available accurate data intact in their system.
Sinaran Computer Sdn Bhd is FingerTec’s proud reseller in the state of Pahang since 2008.
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