First-Ever Guidebook to Smart Residential Communities
FingerTec News | 05/12/2018
It is known that the world is evolving, and society has become increasingly digital, mobile, and connected. Smart communities in short, are the places that recognize the trend and willing to adopt the intelligence infrastructure effectively.

As one of the pioneers in developing smart community systems, it is our responsibility to guide the market in a more holistic manner. There is no universal way to design a community of the future, and there is no standard smart community in terms of achievement. Hence, this book draws the scope of discussion and narrows it down to the concept of Smart Residential Communities, which will serve as a useful guidebook for housing developers, property managers, management committees, interested parties as well as readers.

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Smart Residential Communities contains 5 Parts, split into 20 Chapters, giving the comprehensive views from the basic definition of Smart Residential Community to hands-on guides, security measures, technological aspects, and its future development. Secure your copy today or even get a glimpse of the book by clicking on the link below.
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