Global News (Asia)  Singapore | 03/07/2015
Fu Chan F&B Group Finds FingerTec Face Biometrics System More Than Satisfactory
As one of South East Asia’s hotspots for gastronomical pleasure, the island of Singapore is home to a number of established food and beverage business companies. One such company is Fu Chan F&B Group, with seventeen outlets through out the island-wide city-state. Established in 1999 by founder, Mr. Chu Chee Keong, the company adopts FingerTec’s facial recognition system to centrally manage all the outlets’ worker attendance for payroll processing. Such a system may seem daunting to manage but with FingerTec’s automated data management, the heavy burden is greatly lifted with the help of FingerTec’s Singapore reseller, SmartSys Solutions Pte Ltd.
During its infancy, the management at Fu Chan F&B Group used time cards to manage workers’ attendance. Sighs and grunts were probably commonly heard back then as such a system can be time consuming, and with the business growing, the accounting department had to learn to bite the bullet. Since the implementation of FingerTec Face ID 3 Time and Attendance System for some of the company’s outlets, the HR department has reportedly been able to obtain the attendance data in a timelier manner. Face ID 3 uses Ingress as its software, which applies a server-client based model that helps centralize the data management for each outlet, generating reports that include employees’ total working hours, in-out and break time, overtime, and short time. With the amount of automated functions the Face ID 3 offers, including the compatibility with other external functions such as IP camera integration and easy back up and restore of data, the Face ID 3 was a clearly a welcomed addition to Fu Chan F&B Group’s management.
Satisfied and pleased with the Face ID 3, the company has just recently installed Face ID 4 and Face ID 4d for all the various outlets that they have. The Face ID 4d was installed at the main office’s door with nine units of Face ID 4 deployed for workers’ time attendance at the outlets. With a current business expansion, Fu Chan F&B Group has expressed plans to deploy more units for new outlets in the near future. This job has been awarded to S.E.A Sales & Services (S) Pte Ltd, one of the SmartSys's security solution partners in Singapore.
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