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Global News (South America) 
   El Salvador | 05/09/2016
Grupo Ejje Launches an Activation Campaign to Promote FingerTec Door Access Solutions in El Salvador
Grupo Ejje has been FingerTec’s dedicated reseller in El Salvador for more than 10 years to date. Ever since, they have been actively involved in penetrating the local market with various FingerTec solutions primarily for time attendance solutions. They are also a team of experts in software solutions, hardware and installation services. Known for their excellence, reliability and integrity in their service and executions, Grupo Ejje has earned and established a strong brand identity within the local market.

Recently Grupo Ejje have launched an activation campaign to promote FingerTec’s biometric models for access control functions, an extension from only focusing on time attendance solutions. FingerTec was positioned as an adept brand in providing tried-and-true good quality assured products, and they have done that successfully with the time attendance range. The activation campaign for door access segment of the market was launched with a few mechanics, including creating leads via niche telemarketing, virtual and face to face marketing along with other marketing collateral distributions and online/social media marketing efforts.

The main highlight of this campaign is the placement of LED screen advertisement in an ideal commercial area where there are both heavy and relevant traffic. The location is surrounded by corporate office blocks, industrial parks along with restaurants and cafes to provide them with visual advertisement on the brand and increase brand awareness. The LED advertisement screen has been installed since 10 August 2016 for a period of 3 months.

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