Kamal Engineering Kicks Off Workforce Digitalization with TimeTec
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Malaysia | 05/04/2021
Kamal Engineering Sdn. Bhd. started its business as a construction and engineering company on 1st December 1999. They started with small awarded contracts and steadily grew over the years to spearhead medium and large-scale contracts. In line with its core business, the company also participates in project management consultancy services, especially in construction and engineering-related fields and maintenance management. The Corporate Philosophy of Kamal Engineering is to optimize resources in carrying out all the activities and handling all tasks with innovation, creativity and professional work ethics. Kamal Engineering Sdn Bhd plays a significant role in bringing in new construction technologies in project management and construction methodology to create a "win-win" situation for the clients, the public and the company.

Recently, Kamal Engineering initiated a resource optimization exercise involving the change of system in attendance and leave management. They were looking for a versatile system that can handle their employee dynamics, as they have staff who are working at the office and some who are working at the project sites. Their current biometric system cannot cater to the attendance of those working outside of the office. Due to this flaw, exist discrepancies in attendance data which creates problems over the milage and overtime of those working on sites.

By subscribing to TimeTec TA, the Smart Attendance, they now know exactly the staff working locations, how long the travels are, and how long the work hours are. TimeTec TA has a GPS clocking feature that captures the exact time and accurate GPS coordinates through Google Map, which provides the exact location and the mileage the employees take from one point to another for mileage calculation. TimeTec TA also has an overtime request feature whereby the supervisor must approve overtime before the staff can carry it out. By having all these useful features, TimeTec TA solves the current problems of Kamal Engineering and streamlines the operation process, making it simpler and better for the company.
Another system explored by Kamal Engineering in this exercise is employee leave management. The previous leave management required a physical form and a physical signature from the superior, making applying for a leave a tedious process overall. When the leave approved, the HR has to manually update the Excel sheet, which caused discrepancies in leave balance and accruals.

The switch to TimeTec Leave has simplified the overall leave process through a mobile App. Now, staff can apply for leave and get approval through the App at any time of the day, from anywhere. The system is 100% paperless and user friendly, and updates are done automatically when approval is granted to provide transparency and improve staff engagement at the same time.
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