Kaneka Malaysia Factory Chooses TimeTec VMS for Visitor Management System
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Malaysia | 05/12/2019
Kaneka Malaysia, a factory that produces a wide range of modifiers and processing aids for the plastic industry since 1995. Taking into account that the factory is occupied by approximately 700 employees and with an average of 600 visitors daily, Kaneka management has been tactical on every action taken. With the number of visitors they received daily, visitor registration becomes an arising issue.

Keeping up with the technology trend, Kaneka turns to TimeTec for a cloud-based Visitor Management System.
In the past, Kaneka had to
fill in the information manually,
scan identity cards or licenses manually,
generate a visitor pass manually, and
trace visitor record manually for authorization and report.
With TimeTec VMS, Kaneka only needs to
Scan QR codes, and
Sit and Monitor their visitors inside the buildings in real-time
Technical Training in Kaneka Factory, situated in Kuantan, Pahang was completed by TimeTec Implementation team. They performed hands-on training and set up the latest TimeTec VMS software for Kaneka for a long run of 10 years long. For that very reason, TimeTec team has promised to provide extra care to show appreciation for their loyalty.

Kaneka is warming up to the new TimeTec VMS and the system will be fully implemented by year-end Dec 2019. This system will manage everything for them, from pre-registering to code generation.
A one-stop application for access control to become extremely simplified and leave them hassle-free during registration. All VMS features require no manual work, especially not having the need to refer back and forth to the logbook anymore. All the data will be push automatically to the cloud server and will be available for tracing whenever they want.

TimeTec VMS is their smartest choice of cloud-based visitor management system for better management and monitoring at the workplace in the long-run.
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