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   Kiribati | 05/09/2016
KIT Switches from Manual Punch Cards to FingerTec TA100C
The Kiribati Institute of Technology (KIT) is a key Technical and Vocational Education and Training institution in Kiribati. They operate with the mission to provide high quality courses and qualifications in a broad range of full and part time international certificates as well as customized short courses for businesses, government bodies and the general public. Each year, around 200 full-time students graduate from KIT with internationally recognized accreditations in their area of study.
With a growing number of students, there was a gradual increase in the workforce as well, more lecturers, admin and maintenance staffs were recruited. Early January 2016, KIT decided to switch from a punch card time attendance system to an automated time attendance system.

Looking for a fitting time attendance solution, KIT’s management responded to Pintech’s suggestion by deploying with FingerTec TA100C, a fully automated and biometrics time attendance system. Pintech is FingerTec’s trusted distributor in Kiribati, Central Pacific. Weighing pros and cons and surveying other options KIT settled well with TA100C because of its intrinsic attributes, which automates completely the attendance recording process, and comes in buddle with TCMS V2 the processing software that centralizes, stores and manages all the time attendance information extracted from the TA100C terminals.

TA100C enables precise method of data collection as it records employee’s biological attributes, where fraudulent behaviors of tailgating and etc can be avoided altogether. Launching this new implementation, KIT is now able to monitor and regularize their employees’ attendance and have certain control over the employee’s time management and work productivity. This new environment has also been a good opportunity for the institute to mould desired discipline and work habit that will create a culture soon.

There were some hiccups in the earlier days of deploying with TA100C, which were addressed well by Pintech with their best and quickest technical assistance. Today both the management and the employees are well settled and comfortable with the implementation. KIT is now left with more time to set focus on further enhancing the education deliverance quality and the employees in the meantime are happy to comply with a hassle free automated attendance system, which requires them to only scan their fingerprint and worry not about filling up any other forms and etc.

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