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Major Vehicle Dealer Installs
FingerTec Card System
By Ms. Regielou Rolloque, Sales Manager (South/Central American Region), FingerTec Worldwide
Since 2008, Bioequipamientos, FingerTec's partner in Peru, has been working hard to put FingerTec on the map. As an integrator and distributor of the leading brands in the development of the biometric equipment to control door access and time attendance, it has become Bioequipamientos' priority to make sure their clients can save money, reduce absenteeism, encourage punctuality and increase security with FingerTec machine installation.
Maquinarias y Vehículos de los Andes S.A.C. is a Peruvian company operating for 4 years. Their business operations mainly involve selling cars, buses and trucks. They are one of Lima's representatives of worldwide quality brands such as Mercedes Benz, Chrysler and Jepp among others.
A month ago, Bioequipamientos had the opportunity to work with Maquinarias y Vehículos de los Andes S.A.C. The vehicle company was in need of implementing a door access system in their office in Edificio Lin Tower, wherein the entry and exit of personnel would be controlled by a reliable machine. They required that such a machine would also enable recording details of access to the facilities, control tardiness and overtime calculation for its employees.

After thinking over their requirement, Bioequipamientos suggested FingerTec Kadex, and went to install the system along with FingerTec door access accessories in a short time.

Luis Sanchez, the General Manager of Bioequipamientos, mentioned that the FingerTec Kadex system has been installed for a month without having any inconveniences or difficulties on the part of Maquinarias y Vehículos de los Andes S.A.C.

The Kadex installed in the office.
Other relevant accessories were also added on.
“With FingerTec’s Kadex, I was able to prove to our client, Maquinarias y Vehículos de los Andes S.A.C., that its reliable and effective quality of controlling door access and recording time attendance need not be expensive and high maintenance,” ended Mr. Sanchez.
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