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   Morocco | 05/10/2017
NAREVA Conserving Time Through H2i
Established in 2005 and a 100% subsidiary of Sociéte Nationaled’ Investissement (SNI), NAREVA Holding is a Moroccan independent electricity company that provides its customers with socially responsible, competitive and sustainable services and solutions while ensuring that it creates value for its human capital, its shareholders, and its stakeholders. NAREVA focuses its development efforts on the management of the water cycle and on power generation from fossil or renewable energy.

NAREVA Holding has a portfolio of energy assets ranging over 3000 Megawatt (including 1650 MW of wind power). The Moroccan company already operates five wind farms in Morocco, including the Tarfaya wind farm (300 MW), one of the largest in Africa, as well as develops the Safi ultra-supercritical coal-fired project with international partners. With such an enormous amount of energy produced at hand, the company believes now is the moment to start conserving another seemingly underestimated but priceless resource: Time. Hence, NAREVA consulted with our Moroccan reseller, STConsortium Morocco for a much needed solution and was promptly introduced to FingerTec’s H2i.

H2i is FingerTec’s latest door access and time attendance device. With a stylish design and a sleek layout, H2i is a master terminal able to hold up to 1,500 fingerprint templates as well as 10,000 card templates. The unique screen-less design uses a combination of voice commands and LED lights to communicate with its users. All in all, H2i proves that size, in fact, does not matter when it comes down to functions. Moreover, we can’t stress enough that due to its size, H2i can be installed almost anywhere thereby making it perfect for NAREVA as the company is using the devices within their office building which makes an aspect such as space, a subject of commodity.

As of now, NAREVA Holding is utilizing 40 H2i biometric terminals along with the bundled management software, TCMS. Not only has the company been more efficient in their operation after the installation but also it is without doubt that with our products now in placed, security has never falter within NAREVA Holding premises since.

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