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Global News (Africa) 
   Cameroon | 05/11/2016
OMOA Cameroon Takes Security to Another Level with FingerTec
Established in 2001 at Ivory Coast, OMOA Group is the only operator dedicated to electronic banking in Africa. Today, OMOA Group is well based in 12 African countries and recently one of its branches in Cameroon has chosen to deploy with FingerTec solution for its security.

MacroTech IT Solution Provider, FingerTec’s reseller in Cameroon proposed Ingressus IV alongside R2c to OMOA to not only reduce the overall cost of implementation, but also to make sure that security level is increased with verification handled from the Ingressus away from the public eye.

Banking Corporations are known for its serious meticulous management system. Confidentiality, security and reliability are areas to be prioritized to avoid any undesired occurrences. The inclusion of biometrics fingerprint solution like R2c into the building security is required to control access to restricted areas within the office compounds even for certain employees.

Ingressus IV is a door controller that can control 4 doors at once. Connect slave units like R2c to it and you will get complete biometrics access for your premise. The data obtained is relayed to the bundled management solution, Ingress for further analysis and to generate relevant reports. OMOA Cameroon is pleased with this cost savvy package, enabling them to maintain high level of security that require. The management also no longer hovers in worries concerning safety and confidentiality.

FingerTec has generous options for door access solution and time attendance models that are compatible to businesses from all industries and sizes. Our access control and time attendance solutions also come with complementary processing software Ingress or the latest TCMS V3. Contact our marketing team at to help you find a suitable door access solution or time attendance for your business.