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Patisen Priming FingerTec For
Workforce Efficiency
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Senegal | 05/10/2018
Patisen is a Senegal food–processing company created by Mr. Youssef Omais in order to import and sell food ingredients to bakeries, pastry shops, restaurants as well as various places in Dakar. Since then, the company has been expanding rapidly to a point where Patisen is able to acquire a chocolate factory just one year after its operation began. As such, Patisen very quickly became the leader in the production and distribution of sweet and savory processed foods in Senegal.

That said, it is without doubt that efficiency is one of the more sought after aspect by Patisen as it is the main factor of their success thus far. Hence, the company is always looking for ways to boost their production. Recently, the company has paid close attention towards their workforce and noticed that certain improvements can be implemented to increase performance. Receiving some guidance from our Senegal reseller, Visio Contact SARL, Patisen agreed to settle upon FingerTec TA100CR for their workforce management.

With TA100CR, the manner in which it aids in boosting efficiency is that it allows employees in Patisen to swiftly clock-in for work with just a tap of their fingerprints. The biometrics characteristics will in turn be verified accurately as every fingerprint is unique, thus providing the Management a concise overview of the staffs’ attendances. What’s more, the hygiene considerations are kept at all times high as using your hands for clocking on TA100CR is rather minimal; this is especially important for companies such as Patisen that are involved in the Food Industry. Additionally, Patisen will not need to worry about their growing workforce due to the huge capacity of TA100CR with 8,000 fingerprint storage templates, which is more than adequate for future development.

Patisen has purchased 20 units of FingerTec TA100CR to be placed onto their food production sites and the company has been producing a better yield ever since. FingerTec produces quality biometric products that are both affordable and practical for the industries, check out some of our amazing offerings provided in the link below.
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