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Perlis Health Department Increases Security
With Ingressus
By Ms. Kartina Azlina, Assistant Sales Manager, FingerTec Worldwide
Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Perlis or State of Perlis Health Department, located in the capital Kangar, is one of the departments under Malaysia’s Ministry of Health dedicated to deal with health issues of the locals. The Health Department contains of 6 departments which include management, medical, dental, pharmacy, general health and safety & food quality department, together they aim to provide efficient health services and treatment for treatable and non-treatable diseases in the smallest state in Malaysia.
Exterior of Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Perlis
An employee of the department using the k-Kadex
Having around 180 staff members, they were looking for a better security system that suits to the nature of their operation, to ease the movement of the authorized staff and to curb the public from entering the irrelevant areas. IraSuria Venture Sdn Bhd, FingerTec’s reseller proposed them to install a combination of Kadex and Ingressus for tighter security without compromising convenience.

A total of 14 units of Ingressus 1 and 28 units of k-Kadex were installed in their office building for door access purposes.
The k-Kadex provides the organization with a simple IN-OUT access system through the use of password or card verification ensuring a high level of access control within the departments. Apart from being able to monitor door opening and closing activities at all time, the FingerTec Ingressus controllers’ transaction records are saved and automatically sent to the Ingress software for processing. Ingress is loaded with great door access control features such as graphical floor map, data analysis, ip camera software integration, audit trails report and many more at customer’s disposal and it also provides a simple time attendance module as an extra benefit.
k-Kadex is deployed for access control and time attendance in all departments
Ingressus 1 controller
IraSuria Venture Sdn Bhd has been reselling FingerTec product line for 7 years in the state of Perlis, Indera Kayangan.
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