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Politeknik Ibrahim Sultan (PIS) Multiplies Value with TA100C and its Biometric Mediums
Politeknik Ibrahim Sultan (PIS) or also referred to as Ibrahim Sultan Polytechnic is one of the most renowned polytechnics in Malaysia. Located in the hearts of Pasir Gudang, one of the southern cities in the region of Iskandar Malaysia, Johor, PIS operates in a 100 acres base, enveloping a project cost of RM 155.52 million. This facility officially opened its doors to welcome student all over the country on July 1998. Specializing in technical studies with separate departments within the engineering division the campus also facilitates other courses such as design, visual communications, tourism and hospitality, mathematics, general studies and etc.
With a neat vision of achieving the leadership title of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Asia Pacific by 2020, this institution ensures that all its efforts are synergized with its goal. Equipped with experienced and skillful, lectures, professors, administrators and operations staffs PIS has always assured that their conveyance in the educational industry is revised and improvised on a constant mode to preserve its quality and relevance to the ever fast moving information, communication and technology phase.
Manual employee scheduling and attendance recording system were once sufficient, but in these present days as their workforce precedes to more than 400 employees, PIS started facing enormous difficulties that derived from the bulky, inconsistent and inaccurate manual attendance system. Along the process they have also been experiencing wastage on hiring multiple admin operators and despite doing so they were still left in despair, due to the heavy-handed end results. Upon several attempts of rectifying the situation, PIS learned that an automatic computerized attendance recordings system would be ideal to maintain compliance and discard any clumsy occurrences.
After browsing through the many options available in the market and consulting LYNX Tech Electronics & Services, PIS finally makes a start with TA100C powered by FingerTec in hope to curtail the hassles endured with the current system and to cultivate efficiency. Operating in tandem with TCMS V2, seven sets of TA100C have been installed in the respective faculties. With this new systematic method of data collection, their employees will just have to scan their fingerprint and their attendance recording for the day is taken care of. For the HR department most of the meticulous issues are made automatic, from report generation, to monitoring accuracy as such the input and output is well managed. Adding a plus the system is also user friendly along with its eye-catching full color TFT screen that enhances the hi-tech look of the machine and complements well with the overall office look and feel. As a whole PIS is adapting dynamically with the new implementation and they looking forward to further segregate and intensify their efforts into achieving their aims since workforce management is now is taken care of by TA100C and implies the least burden for the management.
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