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   Nigeria | 05/11/2017
PPPRA Nigeria Pushing Productivity with H2i
Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) is a government agency in Nigeria established to, among other responsibilities, monitor and regulate the supply and distribution, and determine the prices of petroleum products in the country. Equipped with over 200 employees at its headquarters, PPPRA intends to pave the road to full deregulation and liberalization of the downstream sector for all the stakeholders in the sector to play their parts according to the rules and guidelines as would be unfolded by PPPRA based on its functions.
However with that large amount of employees as well as without any rotational shifts in placed, the organization is left with no choice but to allocate much of their HR/Admin department’s time in terms of inputting, collecting and managing of staffs’ attendance data for payroll processing, which is usually carried out on sheets of papers, and as such, often complicating matters. With this at hand, the agency decided to seek FingerTec’s Nigeria reseller, Meed Networks Ltd. for a time attendance system that could solve the following issues such as employee theft, access of unauthorized personnel and let’s not forget, the tedious collection of attendance data. PPPRA soon chose FingerTec H2i as the primary solution to their predicament.
H2i is FingerTec’s latest door access and time attendance device. With a stylish design and a sleek layout, H2i is a master terminal able to hold up to 1,500 fingerprint templates as well as 10,000 card templates. The unique screen-less design uses a combination of voice commands and LED lights to communicate to its users. All in all, H2i proves that size, in fact, does not matter when it comes down to functions.

Currently, PPPRA is using FingerTec H2i together with Ingress software and the overall satisfaction with the devices is relatively high as well as a large majority of employees reporting extremely or very satisfied comments within their feedbacks. This is all due to both H2i and Ingress software being easy to install and IT friendly. What’s more, any instances of human errors/problems are heavily reduced within PPPRA after the installation of FingerTec’s products by Meed Networks Ltd.

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