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   Malaysia | 03/02/2017
RT Pastry House Clocks Attendance with TA100C
Established in 2003, the original RT Pastry House is a fusion of Japanese & Taiwanese concept bakery shop initially located in Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With the huge popularity and demand of fresh and premium quality bakeries, RT Pastry House has expanded to 10 outlet branches across Selangor and the Klang Valley in a short period of time.
Along with the expansion, RT Pastry House management was looking for a reliable attendance system for its growing workforce for its 10 branches and 2 offices that housed more than 300 staff. The objective was to monitor and manage staff’s attendance in various locations effectively.

RT Pastry House was introduced to FingerTec biometrics time attendance solution TA100C, a fingerprint verification reader that takes less than 2 seconds to clock a staff. The solution’s convenience was appealing to RT Pastry because no staff needs to carry any card or keys to clock in and out of the office and the product promotes honesty throughout the company. TA100C is affordable, has great functions and it comes with a useful complimentary software. Now RT Pastry House can take comfort knowing that all attendance data from all the branches are genuine and they can trace any fraudulent activities from the database.

RT Pastry House is planning to extend the implementation of biometrics system for access control soon for added security.