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Sheraton Hotel, Jeddah Chooses FingerTec’s Attendance System
A tip-top hustling hotel at no time snoozes and takes great pleasure in meeting the insistence of its guests. In purveying such a service, employees from all levels, from the housekeeping to the hotel management team are groomed to be both presentable and well disciplined. That throws light upon why more than any other industry present today, the hotel industry monuments its attention and emphasis towards how well its workforce is managed. With an exclusive location, Sheraton Jeddah has over 140 renovated rooms and suites featuring complimentary WiFi, Nespresso machines, comfortable workspaces and scenic sights of the city.
Operating behind the scenes ensuring ends meet are its well-prepared dedicated employees. Managing some 250 employees and regularizing the quality of the service provided is not an easy task, especially in a hectic day-to-day buzzing environment. When Sheraton Jeddah is all about its serviceability and courtesy towards it guests the management has decided to deploy with FingerTec’s AC100C and TA200 Plus to apportion more time in taking care of the hospitality of its patrons rather than placing more focus on supervising its employees.
FingerTec’s AC100C and TA200 Plus have been installed in Sheraton Hotel, Jeddah. These devices were fixated to accommodate staffs of all levels within the boarding house. With these new fingerprint, time and attendance system the HR personnel and the reporting manager is now able to skip the tedious manual attendance recording process and directly have control over regulating the in and out access within the premise. Operating on a 24/7, 365 days basis the hotel management has an immense commitment and responsibility on its shoulder of which the recent implementation has been a huge support to ease burden on the multiple shift management and the ability to connect to the payroll system to ensure data accuracy to both curtail wastage of time and money.
Embedding a series of features FingerTec’s AC100C and TA200 Plus also works along well to cultivate a disciplined and healthy working environment, whereby petty irresponsible acts like buddy punching, late comings, and other form of dishonest deeds can be eradicated all together.

These biometrics hi-tech devices comes with an impressive design and an exceptional storage capacity along with a series of some amusing convenient features such as work codes and short messages display for either personal or public recipients for effective staff communication. AC100 on a plus note is cost-effective and very much affordable for all types of company structure and industry.

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