Shinjiru Technology Leads Its Dynamic Workforce Efficiently with TimeTec
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Malaysia | 05/04/2021
Shinjiru is a one-stop IT provider for domain names, web hosting, dedicated servers, cloud platform and Microsoft solutions. For many years, the company has remained the leader amongst the most successful and prominent web hosting providers in Malaysia. Through many years of hard work and dedication, Shinjiru has developed solutions for all market sectors and have grown to offer cutting edge web hosting solutions.

In managing a The onset of a pandemic has forced many companies to allow employees to work from home, Shinjiru included. Since the lockdown in April 2020, most of its employees work from home to reduce Covid-19 cross-contamination risk. As such, Shinjiru requires a system that can handle all its employees' monitoring regardless of the work location.

TimeTec TA appeals to Shinjiru because of its versatility and flexibility.

To manage the work from home staff, the TimeTec TA mobile App lets employees clock attendance with a simple tap on the App, and the real-time attendance data will be made available in the admin portal for management reference.

For employees who have to work from the office, Shinjuru installed FingerTec Face ID 5/TD, a face recognition device complete with mask-wearing detection and temperature sensor to ensure that employees adhere to SOP before accessing the office, and the data from the device are also centralized in TimeTec TA.

Since Shinjiru supports 24 hours of customer service, it is tedious for the admin to keep track of employees rotating shifts for overtime and allowance calculation. Therefore, they are using TimeTec TA to manage the 24-hour rotational shifts for different groups of employees. To update the staff about an upcoming schedule, the system will send an email notification to the relevant employees, and reports can be generated by each of the managers for their respective departments.

All in all, TimeTec TA fulfils all the requirements of Shinjiru in workforce management. Now, the management is comforted knowing all the staff whereabouts and monitoring can be done smoothly, and diligently.

Shinjiru also utilizes the MDEC SME digitalization grant to digitalize its workforce management.
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