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Subway Chain in Saudi Gets FingerTec Facial Scan
Bafakih and Dakkak Co. is the agent of Subway restaurant chains in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Started with a store in Jeddah, the chain is now widely spread in the western area of the nation totaling more than 30 stores in Jeddah and Almadeena. Dealing with fast food restaurants poses Bafakih and Dakkak Co with various challenges concerning workforce management. High turnover rate, varieties of work schedules, pay per work hour are some of the problems that they have to administer. To minimize these problems with the help of automation, the company installed biometrics solution, which was claiming to help. However, the system came with many issues, leaving them with more headache than solutions.

Having heard about Reza Food’s successful installation story, Bafakik and Dakkak Co. turned to Quality of Connectivity for consultations. They were advised to implement face recognition solutions rather than fingerprint system to avoid regular contacts for better system’s durability. Face ID 4 and Face ID 2 do not require users to touch the machine and face verification can be accomplished in split seconds.

Quality of Connectivity installed 30 units of Face ID system in Subway branches in Jeddah and Madinah for time attendance as well as for door access and they are using the system mainly for their workforce time management. FingerTec’s complimentary software, TCMSV2 does not only provide the company with the tool to schedule their workers effectively but it also provides them with accurate data require for payroll and attendance monitoring.

Quality of Connectivity is FingerTec’s reseller based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and this is another successful major installation for food service industry in the nation. Established in 2003, Quality of Connectivity offers not only access control, time attendance, and security systems, but also services such as web designing, wireless broadband, and web hosting.

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