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Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) Speaks Highly of FingerTec Biometrics

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India | 05/11/2019
FingerTec distributor in India, Compax Industrial System (P) Ltd., has long been in the market supplying biometrics solutions to an array of companies throughout the nation to help businesses strengthen their workplace security system and workforce processes since 2008.

In May 2019, Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) that feeds at least 21,000 employees, was introduced by Compax to FingerTec systems. Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) was not only delighted with the FingerTec systems performance, but they have also returned to us with their exceptional satisfaction. Testifying their positive experience with FingerTec, asserting that:

  This project is truly a dream-come-true for SMC, and we always wanted a company who could work closely with us from the conceptualization stage. That's where Compax and FingerTec proved handy thanks to the value additions they brought in the project, surpassing our requirement.  

Face ID X
With myriads of employees in different domains in the area of engineering, health, and administration all while carrying out their duties in various offices which include headquarters, zonal offices, ward offices, health centres, and other off-site locations, this becomes a high concern topic for SMC. They seek out for Smart Biometric Attendance System, which enables employees to clock in and out based on facial recognition technology. SMC also needs a handy system to monitor closely at their employees' real-time attendance, even in multiple locations to arrest tardy employees and salary leakages. In return, it aims at optimizing attendance management and monthly salary outflow.

A large number of FingerTec Face ID X purchased, coupled with Ingress software, set up conveniently in scattered working stations to mark work attendance.
This implementation of biometrics solution in SMC also makes them one step ahead in completing India Smart Cities Mission - the motive to renew and retrofit 100 cities for greater sustainability and citizen-friendly development. With Surat made a list as one of the twenty cities in the smart city Development preliminary selection, it is an honour for TimeTec to be a part of this great accomplishment.

The complete deployment of FingerTec Face ID X and Ingress is brought to you by Compax, a long-time partner and distributor for TimeTec range of products in the incredible India.