Global News (Middle East)  Iraq | 04/09/2015
The College of Fine Arts Chooses FingerTec’s Flexibility for its Time Attendance
The city of Baghdad has faced many challenges ever since its foundation. Though despite multiple wars and civil unrest, life in the city still moves on with businesses and institutions still going about their daily routines. One such institution is the College of Fine Arts of the University of Baghdad. Located in the Waziriya campus district and occupying three buildings, the College of Fine Arts is the learning hub that supports the art scene with various disciplines including theatre, sculpture, cinema, drawing, and calligraphy.
To ensure the preservation of art is handled with diligence, the TA300 was chosen for its wireless and portable feature to create a time attendance system for the College. Using a USB cable for its power source, the TA300 can be connected to any computer to manage its data and also includes a backup battery for a more mobile clocking terminal that can be placed anywhere. This flexibility and the multiple verification methods including fingerprint, passcode, and RFID cards make the TA300 an easy choice for the College of Fine Arts. The College has even dedicated a special room where printed versions of the data will be stored and has placed one of their instructors, Dr. Joseph, who has received training on the system, in charge of ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of their time attendance system.
With all the turmoil that has swept across the city, the College of Fine Arts of the University of Baghdad is still dedicated in cultivating the appreciation of art. And with the help of FingerTec’s leading distributor in Iraq, Ain Al Zulal, the art in Baghdad will hopefully continue to flourish.
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