TimeTec Attendance Now Supports Hikvision Face Recognition Devices

8:00 PM TimeTec 0 Comments

Another milestone was added for TimeTec as the team has successfully integrated TimeTec Attendance with the Hik-ProConnect platform. This integration allows companies using Hikvision face recognition devices that are connected to Hik-ProConnect, to use and manage their attendance via TimeTec Attendance.

A new section under Terminal was created to allow users to add and manage the Hikvision devices in TimeTec Attendance. Once added, data from the Hikvision device will reflect in TimeTec Attendance automatically.

Before this, TimeTec Attendance had lined up various attendance clocking channels: FingerTec & ZKTeco biometric devices, Android device (QF Master), mobile clocking using GPS, Wifi, Beacon or NFC, and web clocking. This new addition of Hikvision devices proves our dedication to expanding our services for the ease of our customers.

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