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UAC Berhad (UAC) Strengthens its Workforce Management with FingerTec TA100RC’s Deployment
UAC Berhad (UAC) is a specialized manufacturer of cellulose fibre cement boards. Pioneering in the Malaysian market for over 40 years now UAC has earned its success and stability also through their export efforts, spreading wings throughout Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and the Pacific Island. Listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia (the Malaysian Stock Exchange) from 1966 until it was taken private and ceased to be listed in early 2013, in the present days UAC is well equipped with highly skilled workforce, substantial financial resources, and a good reputation as a result of their unyielding commitment.

At all times ensuring their commitment to provide customers with quality products, excellent value, timely delivery, and outstanding service, UAC has placed immense importance on their workforce management. This is to make way to achieve absolute results out of all their endeavours. As such UAC has been closely working with our esteemed distributor KBB Business Solution Malaysia, since 2009 to magnify their workforce management system with the objective of front-lining well-groomed employees to deliver at their best and also to curtail wastages of the effort of their skilled labor. Projecting towards the objective UAC in its recent attempts had purchased more units of TA100RC in hope of further enhancing the multiple levels of its human resource just to pave way for more time allocation towards the focus at their business on hand.

With a systematic method of data collection, TA100RC is a biometric terminal for time attendance that is an absolute value for money as it comes with dynamic features complementing UAC’s pre-requisites. One of their main concerns was to eliminate buddy punching and other form of dishonest acts to ensure easy and precise data management so that the employees are well taken care of and treated fairly in conjunction with their performance.
Adding to its favor the system is also user friendly along with its eye-catching full color TFT screen that enhances the hi-tech look of the machine and complements well with the overall office look and feel.

As a whole UAC is comfortable with the new implementation and is staying relevant to the current trends by constantly updating the company’s branding, product, services and closely monitoring the effectiveness of its labor pool productiveness.

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