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FingerTec News  05/04/2017
What’s New with Face ID 2?
FingerTec’s best selling face recognition product for door access and time attendance, Face ID 2 has gone through a set of major developments and the product is now ready and available!
This new and improved Face ID 2 boasts a new core board, FMM 220, loaded with 800MHz microprocessor, 128MB RAM and 256MB flash memory. This new core board is a hardware improvement from the predecessor, where users do not need to concern about cables on the core board anymore. With this new FMM 220, all Face ID 2 will observe an up-to-date much-friendlier user interface.

Below are the improvements that can be observed from the new Face ID 2 FMM.

Enhanced User Management features, with user Expiration Rule, User Defined Roles and many more.
Advanced Data Management with Scheduled Delete Log capabilities
Built-in Backup Battery with Battery-Life Indicator on the main screen
Advanced face camera, capable of indicating faces with/without glasses upon single face enrolment
Able to detect duplicate face enrolment
Fast processing of face and fingerprint verifications
Several Access Group with multiple Time-Zone setting (Up to 50 Time-zone)
Enhanced Access control features (e.g. Permanent Door Open Time-zone)
Supports Master-Slave pairing for In-Out door installation (e.g. R2c slave reader)
Forward your enquiry about Face ID 2 FMM to and get your units now while stock is available.